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Does Armored Core 6 warrant part sales?

Tank mech in Armored Core 6

Early on in Armored Core 6, money (COAM) is a finite resource. By the time you purchase one full set of armor, you’ll potentially use all the COAM you earned in the game’s first chapter. So what happens if you hit a wall and need to try a different build? Should you sell your spare parts, or should you hold onto them for later?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you should absolutely sell unnecessary parts in Armored Core 6 if you need cash. Parts sold in the Parts Shop will return 100% of the value of the piece, meaning you’ll get a full refund. Additionally, sold items will reappear in the shop menu, so you can get them back at any time. In other words, if you don’t like your current build, sell parts so you can try something new. The only thing it will really cost you is time.

Trying to sell parts in Armored Core 6
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Is there any reason to hold onto parts in Armored Core 6?

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The only caveat about the Parts Shop is that you can’t access it during missions. While defeat means you can reassemble your machine and return to your last checkpoint, buying and selling will remain off the table unless you exit a stage entirely in Armored Core 6. This can create problems for people who always sell every part they aren’t immediately using.

In short, only sell items if you need COAM in your pocket. You never know if a boss will mandate you switch from a sword to a shotgun, so make sure to keep that option in your back pocket. Money may become less of an issue as you progress, especially if you inadvertently grind by aiming for S Ranks on every mission. Build your arsenal out with the tools you love most!

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